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A nurturing Environment

trường mầm non quốc tế

Children should be encouraged and guided through play and other activities to learn positive habits, developing their imagination and age appropriate behavior.


It is not only important WHAT children learn but it’s also critical to consider HOW children are coached in their development.

We have taken the best elements of Montessori, Steiner and Reggio Emilia philosophies and combined them into a proven, appreciated and successful Child-centered and Play-based methodology.

InterKids children gradually learn to be independent, confident with strong creative thinking and self-help skills with respect for themselves as well as for people around them. The bi-lingual and bi-cultural programs and activities are based on strong values.


Play allows children to use their creativity while improving their imagination & healthy brain development. As children play, they learn to explore, negotiate, solve problems, get along with others and to take risks. Play helps a child to develop their fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills, language and social skills.

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