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Speciaized Programs

​"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn"-  Benjamin Franklin - Founding Father of the United States
INTERkids-Montessori provides your child with a safe, healthy & happy environment. Our programs are developed to meet your child’s needs as he/she grows and learns, to promote communication and social skills as well as to develop academic skills.

Vertical groups

INTERkids-Montessori has chosen to combine different age groups. They all will be some day the youngest and someday the oldest of the group and as such they can learn from the older peers or help and assist the younger peers.

​18 Months - 3.5 Year Old - Preschool Class "Juniors"

Offers age appropriate activities to let the juniors explore while building skills & coordination.

The program helps children have a healthy and smooth transition from home to preschool.

The children are given the opportunity to explore and learn in a safe and stimulating environment to facilitate the development of proper eating, dressing and toileting skills.

​3.5-6 Year Old - Kindergarten Class - "Seniors"

Children must be toilet trained to be eligible for this program.

Within the holistic approach of our 6 developmental areas, the senior kindergarten program concentrates more on developing the child’s academic skills with a variety of play-based activities.

By use of group and individual project work, the children expand their skills in mathematics, science, social skills, music, visual arts, drama and languages.

Depending on the child’s interest and development, the teaching staff will guide and challenge the child to pre-reading, pre-writing and basic mathematics.

Meals & Sleeping Time


Snack, lunchtime and sleeping are an integral part of the learning time and include pleasant, positive activities, paying attention to others, time to talk and time to learn simple table and sleeping time manners.

This time is important as it promotes an atmosphere of togetherness and a moment for calming down.

The children also learn a lot, from washing their hands, making a choice of what to eat, drinking for themselves, eating with a fork, to brushing

their own teeth.


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